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Mountain Bike Tour 1

Palekastro – Modi mountain – Xerolimni Village – Mitato Village – Karidi Traditional Village – Adravasti Village – Palekastro

This is a gorgeous ride! Crossing three beautiful traditional mountain villages in the region, this route exposes the rich diversity of Crete. Constantly alternating landscapes in an area full of streams, hills, small gorges and little plateaus. It rewards us with the beauty of wilderness in areas far from human activity.

Distance: 41 km

Altitude: 90 - 630 m

Ride Time: 4:30 hours

Asphalt: 25 km

Dirt Road: 16 km

Mountain Bike Tour 2

Zakros Village – Kato Zakros Beach – Minoan Palace – Dead’s Gorge – Zakros Village

Zakros is a famous village 18 km south of Palekastro. Located relative high, the landscape reveals stunning views to east and to south (Xerokambos) as we descend to Kato Zakros with sandy beaches and wonderful, crystal clear water. The Minoan Palace, established in 1900 BC by the Minoans is located on the way. We return ascending, off road, on to the beautiful Dead’s Gorge back to Zakros.

Distance: 13 km

Altitude: 220m (Zakros Village) - 0 m

Ride Time: 1:30 hours

Asphalt: 25 km

Dirt Road: 4,5 km

Mountain Bike Tour 3

Palekastro – Palm Beach Vai – Tenda beach – Toploy Monastery – Palekastro

We start from the Palekastro square and headed north towards Palm Beach – Foinikodasos Vai (7 km) and further north, until the end of the route at Cape Kavo Sidero (+8 km). Return to Toplou Monastery (+14km) and finally Palekastro village (+9km)

Distance: 43 km

Altitude: 60 - 190 m

Ride Time: 4:30 hours

Asphalt: 43 km

Dirt Road: 0 km